Executive Board

President | Sergio Becerra – Colombia

A publicist and marketing expert, Sergio Becerra  has been an active squash player since he was eight years old. Sergio began his administrative involvement in the sport as a squash director in regional league. Since then he has served as the Secretary General of the Colombia Squash Federation for four years, then as Vice President for four years, and was elected President of the federation in 2019. Sergio also has served as President for the South American Squash Federation for the last two years.

Vice President | Esteban Casarino - Paraguay

Esteban brings decades of experience as a LEADER, as a PLAYER and as a COACH. He speaks four languages English, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish) and skill sets such as Innovation, Competence & Commitment.

2006 – 2010–President of Club internacional de Tenis Squash Committee
2006 - 2017 Advisor to Paraguay Squash Association
2009 – 2019 Founder & Coordinator- ‘Tour de las Américas’ – PSA Squash
2012 – 2017 Board Member – Club Internacional de Ténis
2013 – 2014 General Manager -Paraguay Olympic Committee
2016 – 2022 Paraguay’s National High Performance Committee member
2017 – 2020 President of Paraguay Squash Association
2018 – 2022 Vice President South Region0 South American Squash Federation
2019 – 2022 General Director of XII South American Games ASU 2022
2019 – 2023 Vice President South America 0 Panamerican Squash Federation

Esteban Casarino was Paraguay’s #1 Player for 22 years (1992 – 2013)
Participated in 9 Panamerican Championships -
Participated in 5 Panamerican Games (4 as an athlete and 1 as a Coach)
Participated in 2 South American Games as athlete and 2 Bolivarian Games
Over career has defeated a #1 National player from every country in Panamerica except Canada.
Played on tour in more over 25 countries around the world.

Esteban has played squash since the age of 9 years and competed internationally for Paraguay from age 12 until 42 years of age. He has won medals in every junior and adults division in singles, doubles and team events, including medaling at Pan-American Championships and Pan Am Games in both singles and doubles. He is a well-respected WSF Tutor L2 coach and continues to help develop hundreds of coaches throughout the region to achieve their certification. In addition to being Paraguay’s national coach since 2009, he also was the Junior coach for Argentina at the 2008 Pan Am Champions.
Esteban is a former board member of his home club, the Club Internacional de Tenis, a massive multisport facility with over 14.000 members. Esteban led the building of a 6 courts squash complex in 2017 which featured both a softball doubles court with a movable wall and a Center glass court which has been named in his honour. Esteban then went on to assist the Paraguay Squash Association to build the first ever national squash center in South America and when he became president of the association, he added a 3-wall glass center show court.

As a visionary and leader in the region, in 2009, Esteban recognized the need for tournaments to help develop upcoming players and co-founded and coordinated the “Tour de las Americas”. This very successful tour still runs today and has been the springboard for players such as Diego Elias and Leandro Romiglio, to gain their first experiences on the tour and earn points. At the peak of Esteban’s career he was appointed by the President of Paraguay as General Director of the South American Games Asunción 2022. The program featured 54 sports and over 4,500 athletes.

Over his career, Esteban has worked closely with some of the highest officers in our sport such and most recently continues to work with such great leaders as Camilo Perez Lopes Moreira-IOC member, President of the Paraguay Olympic Committee, President of South American Olympic Committee (ODESUR) and member of Pan Am Sports, Nevin Ilic- President of Pan Am Sports, Fabio Ramirez- Technical Director Pan Am Sports and Mario Moccia-VP Pan Am Sports, to name a few.

Secretary General | Lolly Gillen - Canada

Lolly exemplifies a lifetime of passion and commitment to squash. She has been involved in the sport of squash for almost 40 years,  as a player, a  builder and a volunteer. She is an accomplished hardball doubles player capturing 60 hardball doubles titles (4 World, 29 Canadian National, 2 US National and 25 Provincial/State) in both open and age categories.  Lolly served on the boards of Squash Canada's (9 years- President 2013 – 2018), Squash Ontario (8 years- President  2006-2008), Sport4Ontario, the Summit Golf & Country Club and was first elected Secretary General of the FPS  in 2019.  In 2000 she received Squash Ontario's highest award (The Special Achievement Award), in 2003 the Ontario Sports Award and was inducted into the Canadian Squash Hall of Fame in 2023.

Throughout her career she has acted as Marketing Director of the PACE Canadian Squash Classic PSA event for John Nimick (1999-2009),  chaired the 2019 Pan American Junior Championships, 10 National Doubles Championships and dozens of Provincial Championships and was on the organizing committee of the 2014 WSF Women’s World Team Championships.

In 2019 Lolly co-founded the Canadian Inclusivity Squash Program (CISP), North American’s first squash program dedicated solely to teaching squash to mentally, emotionally, and physically challenged individuals and at the end of 2022 launched Canada’s first ever Wheelchair Squash57 program.

Lolly played key roles in creating the Canada Squash Hall of Fame & Heritage, the Ontario Squash Hall of Fame and in 2014 Lolly founded the Squash Canada’s Road to Podium Campaign  (Canada's first campaign directed solely for high performance raising over $180K in just 7 months). She spearheaded the development of the Canada's national doubles referee certification program and the creation and management of the first North American Hardball Doubles Ranking program and the North American annual doubles calendar from 2002-2018.  Lolly has been a certified Canadian National doubles referee and National instructor since 2004 and is a WSO Level 1 referee and Community level squash coach. Lolly has been Squash Canada's International Delegate to the WSF and FPS since 2018  and is a former member of the WSF Diversity & Inclusivity Working Group. Lolly currently sits on the WSF Squash 57 Commission and is actively promoting this element of the game throughout Panamerica.

Ms. Gillen, is the proprietor of Lolly D. Gillen, Brokerage, and has been in the real estate industry since 1976 specializing in residential real estate in the Greater Toronto area.

Vice President – North America | Renato Paiva

Renato Paiva is a 44-year-old US citizen who was born in Brazil. He has had a long history with the sport of squash, having played at a high level as a junior squash player and represented Brazil in many international tournaments.

He has coached squash at Harvard University and USC, and currently holds a Level 3 US Squash Coaching certification. Renato also sits on the Sportsmanship and Character Committee at US Squash and has participated in the Squash Olympic bid for 2016 at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne.

Renato currently serves as Executive Director of Access Youth Academy, an organization which provides youth development opportunities through sports and education. He has been leading the organization for 17 years, providing invaluable direction and support.

Renato Paiva is a passionate advocate of squash and youth development, providing his expertise, knowledge, and experience to help create opportunities for the next generation of squash players. He received several awards for his work and dedication, including the 2011 Coach of the Year awarded by the US Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports in Washington DC.

He works tirelessly to nurture young talent and inspire them to excel in sports and education alike. Renato's contribution to the sport of squash is unparalleled, constantly striving to reach new heights for others to follow suit. He truly cares about making a positive impact on people's lives through his work with Access Youth Academy. He is an exemplary leader whose commitment towards his cause knows no boundaries.

Vice President – Caribbean | Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is President of Jamaica Squash, the governing body for squash in Jamaica.

As a player, she was a Caribbean Squash Champion and 13-time National Champion of Jamaica. She is also a national squash coach and an accredited squash referee.  Her squash career spans over four decades, as player, administrator and coach.

During her playing days, Anderson achieved a career-high ranking of World No. 94 in squash. She has refereed at the Women’s World Team Squash Championships (2006/2014), the Commonwealth Games, the PanAmerican Games and the Women’s World Squash Championship.  She has also served as National Coach of the Jamaican Men’s team to the Commonwealth and PanAm Games.

She has also held senior administrative positions in other sports namely, as the former General Manager of Netball Jamaica, as well as 2nd Vice President of the Jamaica Rifle Association.  She has in the process accumulated in excess of 20 years of experience in squash coaching as well as in leadership roles in sports administration and senior executive roles in private sector entities both in Jamaica and in the United States.

In addition to Anderson’s squash accomplishments, she is a Caribbean Champion in Full bore Rifle Shooting and earned the title of Top Female rifle shooter in the Caribbean in 2014 and 2018.

For her accomplishments Anderson was nominated for the RJR Sports Foundation Sportswoman of the Year Award in 2008.

Vice President – Central America | Cristina Echeverria

Cristina Echeverria is currently working at the German Embassy in San Salvador as a Cooperation Officer. Previously she worked at the German School San Salvador as the General Coordinator and at Bayer de Centroamerica y el Caribe as Product Manager and New Product Development Manager. She speaks 3 languages fluently.

Cristina Echeverria is currently the General Secretary of the Salvadoran Squash Federation and has served on the Board of Directors of the Federation from 2003 - 2009 and from 2013 onwards.

She has been involved in squash for more than 25 years as a player of the Salvadoran National Team, referee at Panamerican Junior Championships, member of Appeal Panels in Panamerican events and also as a mother of two former National Team and Trinity College players. Cristina is also well known for organizing major events like the Panamerican Junior Championships 2005, 2010,2011,2014 and 2021 held in El Salvador

Vice President - South America | Juan Pablo García

Juan Pablo started playing squash at 12 years of age. Throughout his sporting career, he has obtained the following most relevant titles:

  • South American U19 runner-up in 1987
  • South American Champion U23 year 1992
  • Silver Medal for teams at the 1995 Mar del Plata Pan American Games
  • Metropolitan Circuit Champion in 2000

He has also competed in the 1989 British Junior Open and has competed on the PSA Circuit from 1990 to 1995.

As a Sports Leader he was the founder and current President of the Metropolitan Squash Association (City of Buenos Aires), a is the past President of the Argentine Squash Rackets Association (2016-2019) and was Vice President (2009-2015) and is currently the Vice President of the Argentine Squash Association.

Juan Pablo was a member of FPS Executive Board from  2015-2019 and a member of the board of the South American Squash Confederation  from 2019-2023.

He was the Organizing Chair of the 2013, 2017 and 2023 Pan American Junior Championships, the 2018 and 2022 South American Championships, and the 2018 Juventus Buenos Aires Olympic Games.

Professionally, Juan Pablo is President of LOCDELTA S.A. a company dedicated to nautical activity, mainly to the custody,  maintenance and marketing of boats. He is also Managing Partner of the company TUTTO PER LA CASA dedicated to the sale of bazaar, decoration and bathroom items for commercial use and is the Managing Partner of the MUNISQUASH SRL Squash Club in Buenos Aires