Squash 57

Easy to start, hard to stop

Squash57 is an aerobic version of squash that dates back to the early 1980’s with England hosting their first National Squash57 Championships in 1984.

Squash57 is played on the exact same court as International (softball) squash using a larger bouncier ball, a shorter length racquet with a larger racquet head (see below) and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. For juniors, Squash57 is an excellent introductory sport to squash and has extended the enjoyment, friendships and playing careers for thousands of (softball) squash players around the world.

Squash57 is rapidly gaining global popularity as it is “easier to learn" and "easier to play” plus allows for longer more aerobic rallies that are less “physically demanding” on the body.

Squash57 is genuinely ‘A Lifetime Sport’.

Squash57 Doubles, unlike softball doubles, requires each player on the team to alternate on striking the ball,  consequently there is no need for a wider court.  By requiring each player to strike the ball it eliminates the opposing team’s ability to freeze out a player and play the ball to just one player; making Squash57 Doubles  truly a TEAM game.


  • Racquets: KARAKAL & HEAD
  • Balls: Squash57 uses a 57mm diameter ball, which explains the name Squash57, that is nearly twice as bouncy as a squash ball-KARAKALDUNLOP 


  • Rules Poster: poster version of the Squash57 rules (5 different languages)
  • Promotional Video: produced by England Squash and now with subtitles in many languages
  • Facebook: used to keep the world of Squash57 informed, please join this group if interested
  • Videos: Squash57 YouTube channel with all the best tips and clips
  • Squash57 Library: the most comprehensive Squash57 resources site is UK-Racketball’s, and it even has Squash57 apparel
  • The Squash 57 Story

Diagram 1: Rebound Resilience (bounce) of the ball types + racquets drawn to scale