Day 1 – Opening Keynote
ALEX GOUGH (CEO – Professional Squash Association): Squash As We Know it

Day 1 – Session 1: Squash: The Present
SARAH-JANE PERRY, England #1 & Women’s President – PSA (Topic – The growth of women’s squash)

CARLOS SCHONENBERG, Founder – Squash Para Todos (Topic – Squash Para Todos: Going Backwards)

Day 1 – Session 2: Moving Forward
ALAN THATCHER, Founder: World Squash Day and Squash 200 (Topic – SQUASH 200 and WORLD SQUASH DAY: Taking Squash to the next level)

MAYA MIBINGE, Founder: Simply Squash (Topic – Don’t Hold Your Punches – Hit Like A Girl)

Day 2 – Opening Keynote
ZENA WOOLDRIDGE (WSF – President): Squash of the Future

Day 2 – Session 1: Squash of the Future
ROBERT DONAGHUE, CEO – Squash Australia (Topic – The future of Australian Squash)

MAXIM P WEITHERS, Professional Coach and Sports Marketer (Topic – Global Marketing for Squash: Neuro/Brain science)

Day 2 – Session 2: SquashTech
MARKOS KERN, Founder: interactiveSQUASH (Topic – Squash 2.0, welcome to the digital age)

RICHARD BICKERS, Founder: Squash Levels and JETHRO BiNNS, Founder: Squash Skills (Topic – Re-energising squash with technology and collaboration)

PAUL MELLOR, Founder: Racketware, (Smarter Squash for a Smarter World)

KANZY EL DEFRAWY, Emcee on her upcoming squash academy – Flying Daf Academy

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